Your assessment

At ASSESS, we’re proud of the way we carry out our independent medical examinations.


Whether you have an in-person assessment or arrange for your examination to be conducted via video conferencing technology, our friendly medical specialists will always treat you with the same high level of care and consideration.


Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible – before, during and after your appointment.


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Before the assessment

What should I bring?

If you have been referred to one of our medical specialists please bring along any x-rays, scans or MRI films and reports that you have; however if you cannot get these easily or no longer have them, that is okay. This doesn’t apply for psychiatric or psychological appointments. You’ll also need your photo ID and we will ask you to sign a consent form before the assessment proceeds.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing so the doctor can access your injured body part. It’s a good idea to wear undergarments to the appointment. Gowns are available.

During the assessment

What happens in the assessment?

The assessment will consist of history taking, including the circumstances leading to the injury/illness as well as a physical examination (for non-psychiatric/psychological appointments).

What if the date or time does not suit me?

The specialist you are seeing has been chosen for you based on their area of expertise and experience. With plenty of notice, it may be possible to change your appointment to a more convenient time so please contact the organisation that referred you to us if the appointment does not suit you. We do have some Saturday appointments available for your convenience.

After the assessment

The specialist will put together a report using the results of your physical examination (no physical examination required for psychiatric or psychological assessment) as well as your history and any other supporting documentation sent to your doctor. The finalised report is then sent to the organisation that referred you.